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Online courses from Basic to Advanced Norwegian.
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About the Teacher

I'm Native to Norway and Born in Bergen in 1973
I have a Master in Psychology and have a certificate for teaching languages from Cambridge.

I have long experience in teaching both English in language Schools in Brazil and teaching Norwegian both in private and online course.

Currently I'm primarily focused on teaching Norwegian online, and I'm registered in Brazil as a private tutor.
I use material similar to what is being used in Norwegian language schools.

Terms for the Norwegian Courses

On the main page the elements of the Norwegian Course is outlined.

The course itself does not have any monthly fees, only payment by the hour.
Single class hour (55 minutes): US$ 20 (as of june 2017 - might change later)
No monthly Fees or requirements of investments in material. (The prices are non-negotiable)

Payment has to be done before each class.
Classes can be cancelled the day before the class prior to 10 p.m. Eastern Brazilian time.
The classes have to be within the hours of 07hs to 18hs in Eastern Brazilian Time from Monday to Friday.
I also do classes during the mornings in the weekends.

If you cancel the class just before the class, or you do not show up, you will have to pay for 1 hour (US$ 20).

If the teacher does not show up due to technical difficulties or other, you will either get a refund or a new class.

Send a message about your language level, when you wish to start and any questions you might have.
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